Dr. des. Anne Temme

Anne Temme
Language Logic and Cognition Center, Australia Compound, room 221

I am a post-doctoral researcher at the LLCC in the Project "Talking about Causation: linguistic and psychological perspectives”. My research centers around the study of the meaning and structure of predicates, their morpho-syntactic and selectional properties as well as their role in discourse.

During my PhD (HU Berlin/U Stuttgart) I studied experiencer-object verbs (e.g. worrydelightannoy) in order to determine the source of their exceptional grammatical behavior across languages. This includes experiments on exceptional word order and variable binding as well as comparisons with verbs of locative relations, disposition and propositional attitude.

Within the scope of the LLCC project I am interested in the linguistic expression of different types of causation (e.g. direct/indirect; stative/eventive), the reference and form of prototypical vs. “untypical” causers (e.g. concrete vs. abstract objects), and the role of causation in the mental vs. physical domain.

My further interests are: evaluation, subjectivity and perspective, inferences and the development of lexical meaning, factivity, psych adjectives, among others.