Prof. David M. Bunis

David M. Bunis
The Department of Hebrew Language
Rabin, Office 2109

David M. Bunis (b. New York; PhD., Linguistics, Columbia University, 1981; professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004) edited Languages and Literatures of Sephardic and Oriental Jews (Jerusalem, 2009), and authored A Lexicon of the Hebrew and Aramaic Elements in Modern Judezmo (Magnes, 1993), Judezmo: An Introduction to the Language of the Ottoman Sephardim (Magnes, 1999, Hebrew), Voices from Jewish Salonika (Misgav Yerushalayim & Ets Ahaim Society of Thessaloniki, 1999), and numerous articles on the Judezmo (or Ladino) language and its literature and on Jewish languages. He co-edits Massorot, a Hebrew-language journal devoted to the study of Jewish language traditions, and is an advisor to the Israel National Authority for Ladino Culture. In 2013 he was awarded the Emet Prize for his contributions to the study of Judezmo and Jewish languages, and in 2015 was appointed an Académico Correspondiente Extranjero, Real Academia Española (Madrid).