Ms. Mieke Daniels-Waterman

Mieke  Daniels-Waterman
Humanities, Office 6615
+ 972 2 588 3837

Mieke (Mirjam) Daniels-Waterman teaches contemporary standard Dutch and comparative typology of the West Germanic languages: Dutch, Frisian and Afrikaans.  She has also taught courses in Middle Welsh. She graduated from The Hebrew University in Structural Linguistics (magna cum laude). Her dissertation deals with the narrative function of a recurrent periphrastic verb pattern in Middle Welsh. Her research focuses on the analysis of morphological forms (simple or complex) and syntactic constructions from the perspective of text linguistics, including narrative grammar and information structure. She has written on topics concerning the Dutch language as well as on contact-induced phenomena, such as the pronunciation of the [ע] ‘ayin’ amongst Jews in the Netherlands. She discovered Yiddish translations of the famous Dutch author Multatuli (E. Douwes Dekker), previously unknown to researchers of both Yiddish and Dutch, and has published her findings in the journal ‘Over Multatuli’ (About Multatuli). In 2010 she organized the biennial international conference of researchers of the Dutch language at the Hebrew University and was chief editor of the proceedings published as volume 10 of the series NTVL, (2013).