Prof. Eran Cohen

Eran Cohen
Functionalist linguistics track
Humanities, room 6612
+972 2 588 3834

My work is mainly descriptive and comparative, covering various phases and registers of several languages—Akkadian, Neo-Aramaic, Biblical and modern Hebrew, as well as various aspects of comparative linguistics of Semitic. The domains covered in my work are syntax and macro-syntax, including such topics as information structure, the functional analysis of verbal systems (tense, aspect and modality, as well as its functions in narrative), the structure of narrative, conditional structures, relative clauses, and more. It always has to do with the interrelationships between the discursive/pragmatic background as well as syntactic environment on the one hand, and the function of the form itself (whether simple or complex) on the other. Currently I am working on a syntactic description of Old Babylonian Akkadian, funded by a grant from the ISF and on several additional topics—interrogative markers in Semitic, the diachrony of epistemic particles from a comparative perspective, genitive constructions in Semitic and conditional constructions in Semitic.