Dr. Ivy Sichel

Ivy  Sichel

Ivy Sichel's work focuses on syntactic theory in its relatively recent developments within the Minimalist Program, and more specifically the syntax-semantics interface. She is interested in the syntactic contribution to meaning in all its aspects and has worked on a variety of empirical domains with this broad question in mind. These domains include the event properties of nominalizations, the structural decomposition of the meaning of POSSESSION, the effect of structure and movement on the interpretation of negative expressions, the interpretation of resumptive pronouns and ordinary pronouns, the propensity of demonstrative pronouns for deictic use, and in the domain of locality, the factors which enter into allowing selective extraction from relative clauses in some languages. She is also interested in the Sociolinguistics of the revival of Hebrew speech, and has written about women’s contribution to the revival project at the turn of the 20th century (with Miri Bar-Ziv Levi), and about the relationship between the revival and the establishment of the State of Israel (with Uri Mor).