Prof. Larissa Naiditch

Larissa Naiditch

Ph.D.1978, Academy of Sciences, Institute of Linguistics, Leningrad, Russia.  1993 - 2015 : Researcher in the Department of Linguistics, The Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Lecturer 1993; Senior Lecturer; Associate Professor 2006. 

Research interests include Germanistics (History and Dialectology of German; Phonology and Grammar of Germanic Languages (esp.: German Sprachinseln, Diachronic Phonology of German Dialects), Diachronic Linguistics, General Phonology (esp.: Structural Methods of Phonological Analysis; History of Structuralism), Languages in Contact (esp.: Code-Switching Models, Interference in Grammar and in Phonology, Russian Abroad, German Abroad; e.g., Russian in Israel, German in Russia), Folk Narratives (esp.: Linguistic Structures of Personal Narratives, Fairytales, and Charms), Poetics, Stylistics, Translation Theory, and Typology.