Prof. Nora Boneh

Nora Boneh
Generative linguistics track
Australia Compound 233
+972 2 588 3981

Nora Boneh (PhD 2003, Université Paris 8, Saint Denis) joined the Linguistics Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2007, after being a research and teaching associate at the universities of Paris 7, Denis Diderot and Paris 8, Saint Denis. Her research topics include the study of the linguistic manifestation of conceptual categories such as temporality, possession, and causation; within this exploration, particular attention is given to complex verb constructions, mainly from a syntactic synchronic perspective, but also from a historical one. She has mostly worked on the expression of habituality, on the aspectual properties of the Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew verbal systems, and their stability over time, on argument realization and the syntax of ditransitive verbs and datival arguments, and on causative constructions. Her linguistic analyses are carried out in semi-typological perspective applied to languages such as Hebrew, dialectal Arabic, French, English and Russian.