Dr. Eitan Grossman

Eitan  Grossman
Head of of the functionalist track
B.A advisor (Functionalist track)
Humanities, Office 5603
+972 2 588 3809

Eitan Grossman's work revolves around the questions: Why are languages the way that they are? How do they become the way they are? His research and teaching focus on three main areas. The first is descriptive linguistics of Coptic-Egyptian, an Afroasiatic language attested for about 4000 years, and Nuer, a Western Nilotic language. The second is language variation and change, with a special interest in grammaticalization and contact-induced change. The third is language typology. These interests often converge. His current projects include the typology of adposition borrowing, the diachronic typology of agentive nominalizations, a grammatical sketch of Nuer, and a few other topics in historical linguistics and typology. He currently serves as academic consultant to the Martin Buber Society of Fellows.